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A house will never be her home

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End the keeping of primates as pets

Thousands of primates are being confined in UK homes. Marmosets, capuchins and squirrel monkeys are among some of primates being kept as pets, destined for unnecessary suffering in an unnatural environment.

We believe the welfare needs of primates can never be met in a house, shed or garden cage and that these complex animals are unsuitable companion animals.

15 European countries have already introduced bans on keeping primates as pets, for either all or some species. We now call on the governments in the UK to follow.


  • "Primates have complex needs and they need to be with their own kind" Rebeca, Glasgow
  • "Signed - this appalling trade needs to be stopped." Jeni, Leighton Buzzard
  • "I'm amazed that primates as pets isn't illegal already." Georgina, Cambridge

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Sign our petition and join us in speaking out for all the individuals imprisoned in a totally unsuitable environment.